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Column Flotation

Process/Device Column Flotation for the Beneficiation of Low-Grade and Finely Disseminated Ores.
Area Mineral Processing
Uses (i) Enrichment of ores by flotation, (ii) Flotation of ores and minerals, (iii) Quality and quantity improvement in mineral processing circuits, (iv) Flotation of base metal ores (Cu, Pb, Zn ors), iron ores (hematite, magnetite, BHQ, etc.), beach sand minerals (sillimanite) & industrial minerals (limestone, barite, etc.)
Salient Features The merits of the flotation column includes improved metallurgical performance in terms of grade and recovery, effective cleaning action, smaller floor space, low capital investment, less operational and maintenance cost and easier control. Improved metallurgical performance is assured by column flotation as a result of (i) Less entrainment and entrapment through froth washing, (ii) Independent control of operating variables, (iii) Flotation of course and slimes particles, (iv) Can also be used as roughers and scavengers. Reduced running costs as a result of (i) No moving parts, (ii) Lower reagent consumption, (iii)Lower energy consumption. Reduced capital costs as a result of (i) Lower residence time, (ii) Higher gas holdup, (iii) Substantial reduction in floor area and (iv) One stage of column flotation is equivalent to 3 stage conventional flotation
Scale of Development Pilot Scale
Major Raw Materials Pilot Plant Facility
Major Plant Equipment/Machinery Column with variable height, Indigenous sparging system, Microprocessor based level control, Auto pneumatic sampling, Digital flow measuring systems - air, water, feed, Centralized control panel
Details of specific application For the beneficiation of Low-Grade and finely disseminated ores.
Status of Development Completed
Ecological/Environmental Impact (if any, specify briefly) No
Patenting details Patent filed
Commercialisation Status Laboratory scale 74mm diameter- 10kg/h treatment capacity (4 Nos. at NMLMC, NML-JSR, GVIT-Kolar & NEIST-Jorhat). Pilot scale 500mm diameter-1ton/h capacity (2 Nos. At NMLMC & RBSSN-Hospet, for low-grade iron ore) Commercial scale 1250mm diameter-150TPD capacity (Installed 3 Nos. at IREL-Chatrapur, Orissa, for sillimanite; Calpro-Salem, for limestone & IREL-Chavra, Kerala, for sillimanite). Installation of a 2500mm diameter column for the beneficiation of barite is in progress at Mangampet, A P.
Techno-Economics Available on demand
Key words Column Flotation, Beneficiation, Mineral Processing
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