Dr. Tarun K. Das
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Name :   Dr.Tarun Das
Designation :   Principal Scientist
Contact Information :
  • Email id :  tkdas@nmlindia.org
  • Mobile/Phone no:  0657-2345076, 09955465980
Educational Qualification :   B. Tech, M. Tech, Ph. D
Areas of Expertise :   Sensors/devices and Technology development for in-situ applications, Signal analysis, NDT & E and Structural Health Monitoring
No. of Papers Published :  
  • International :   1. Tarun K. Das, Chandan Dutta, Alok Kumar, Satish Kadu, Sarmishtha Palit Sagar, " Real-Time Parametric Evaluation ofWeld in Metallic Wires: A 3-D Simulation and Experimental Validation", Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, Vol.: 39:35, pp: 1-9, 2020. 2. Dhanranjan Kumar, Munchun kumari, Premkumar Murugaiyan, Tarun K. Das, R.K. Roy, A. Mitra, E. Shuvaeva, M. Churyukanova, S. Kaloshkin, A.K. Panda, "Impact of uniaxial stress on soft-magnetic and magneto-impedance properties of vitrified magnetostrictive microwires", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Vol.: 831, 2020, 154861. 3. Ravi Ranjan, Tarun K. Das, B.N.S. Munda, Eisha Mandal, S.K. Mandal, "Development of sensor based on GMI effect for structural health monitoring of engineering component"; J. Met. Mat. Sc, Vol. 59, No. 1, pp. 23- 27, 2017. 4. Tarun K. Das, Pallab Banerji, Sushil K. Mandal, "Giant magnetoimpedance intrinsic impedance and voltage sensitivity of rapidly solidified Co66Fe2Cr4Si13B15 amorphous wire for highly sensitive sensors applications", Appl. Phys. A, 122:939, 2016. 5. Tarun K. Das, A. Mitra, S. K. Mandal, R. K. Roy, P. Banerji, A. K. Panda, " Parametric control on giant magnetoimpedance (GMI) behaviour of CoFeSiBCr amorphous wires for prospective sensor applications, Sensors and Actuators A, 220, pp. 382 – 387, 2014. 6. Tarun K. Das, A. K. Panda, A. Mitra, P. Banerji and S. K. Mandal," Rapidly solidified CoFeSiBCr amorphous wire: From manipulation to giant magnetoimpedance sensor applications", J. Met. Mat. Sc, Vol. 56, No. 4, pp. 195-202, 2014. 7. Tarun K. Das, Sushil Kumar Mandal, Asish Kumar Panda, Soumya Bhattacharya, Pallab Banerji, Amitava Mitra, "Giant Magnetoimpedance (GMI) Effect and Field Sensitivity of Ferrofluid Coated Co66Fe2Si13B15Cr4 Soft Magnetic Amorphous 5Microwire", Physics Procedia, 54, pp. 16 – 22, 2014. 8. Arpita Ghosh, B. Nayak, Tarun K. Das, S. Palit Sagar, A non-invasive technique for sorting of alumina-rich iron ores, Minerals Engineering, 45, pp. 55–58, 2013. 9. S Palit Sagar, G V S Murthy, Tarun K. Das, Amit Prakash, U S Goel, T. Venugopalan, "Surface Wave Based Ultrasonic Technique for finding the Optimal Grinding Condition of High Speed Steel (HSS) Work Rolls", Steel Research International, 84(2), pp. 163- 168, 2013.
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No.of.Patents :   1. A Sensing Device for Real-time Zinc Coating Weight Measurement of Steel Wires/Rods in Commercial Pad Wiping Galvanizing Line; Ref: NML/PAT 0587/2020/IN; Tarun Kumar Das, Chandan Dutta*, Alok Kumar*, Sarmishtha Palit Sagar. 2. A System for Analyzing Health of a Pipe Carrying Hot Fluid via Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Sensors. India; Pat. No.: PAT-0559/IN; Dated: 01-Apr- 2019; Tarun Kumar Das, Chandan Dutta, Alok Kumar and Sarmishtha Palit Sagar. 3. A Process for the Enhancement in Transduction Efficiency of a Magnetostrictive Sensing Device for Evaluation of Pipeline Defects. Pat. no.: 0009NF2020; Dated: 13-Jan- 2020; A. K. Panda, S. Das, Tarun K. Das, A. K. Metya, Premkumar M, R. K. Roy, A. Mitra. 4. Tarun K. Das, Chandan Dutta, Alok Kumar, S. K. Mandal, Arpita Ghosh, S. Palit (Sagar), "A cost effective, on-line smart sensing system for defect detection and identification in high end wires drawn at high speed"; 0073NF2018; 2018. 5. A. K. Panda, R. K. Roy, Tarun K. Das, Swapan Kr. Das, A. Mitra, S. Bhattacharya, Q. M. Amir, C. Kannan, B. Kumar, B. Das "An improved Giant Magneto-Impedance (GMI) based Sensing Device for the detection of carburization in austenitic stainless steel, Application number: 16177881.6, 2017. 6. Arpita Ghosh, Tarun K. Das, S. Palit (Sagar), "A non-contact process for detecting Fe content in galvannealed coatings"; IN 201631035862, 2016 (Joint Patent with Tata Steel). 7. Arpita Ghosh, Tarun K. Das, B. Nayak, S. Palit (Sagar), "A Non-invasive Process for Sorting of Alumina Rich Iron Ores", 0206NF2014, 2013 (Joint Patent with Tata Steel). 8. S Palit Sagar, Arpita Ghosh, Tarun K Das, B Nayak, A K Mukherjee, Rajesh Mukherjee; A compositional analysis of iron ores", 854/KOL/2014 (Joint Patent with Tata Steel) 9. S. Palit Sagar, GVS Murthy, Amit Prakash, Tarun K. Das, T Venugopalan, “An improved ultrasonic inspection system for surface and sub-surface crack detection of HSS Rolls”, 1423/KOL/2011, 2011 (Joint Patent with Tata Steel). US Patent: 10. Sova BHATTACHARYA, Qazi Mohammad AMIR, Chandrasekaran KANNAN, Brijesh KUMAR, Biswapriya DAS, Ashish Kumar PANDA, Rajat Kumar ROY, Swapan Kumar DAS, Tarun Kumar DAS, Amitava MITRA, " Giant Magnetoimpedance (GMI) based sensing device for the detection of curburization of austenitic stainless steel", Application No.: US2017/0131369 A1 (2017). European patent: 11. BHATTACHARYA Sova; AMIR Qazi Mohammad; KANNAN Chandrasekaran; KUMAR Brijesh; DAS Biswapriya; PANDA Ashish Kumar; ROY Rajat Kumar; DAS Swapan Kumar; DAS Tarun Kumar; MITRA Amitava; "AN IMPROVED GIANT MAGNETO-IMPEDANCE (GMI) BASED SENSING DEVICE FOR THE DETECTION OF CARBURIZATION IN AUSTENITIC STAINLESS STEEL" , EP 3 118 641 A1; 2016. Copyright: 12. Tarun K. Das, Arpita Ghosh, Rajesh Mukherjee, S. Palit (Sagar), “IRsort; Software for online detection of alumina in Iron Ore”. NML/CR- 90/2013.
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No.of.Technologies :   1. "Development of FlawGuard: A device for online defect detection of wires"; know-how transferred to M/s. Arnab Enterprises, Jamshedpur in 2015. 2. "Technology transfer of a device for flow rate measurement of fluid through a narrow tube"; Know-how transferred to M/s. EECI, Mumbai in 2019.
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Awards and Recognitions :   1. "National NDT Young Scientist Award", Indian Society for Non-destructive Testing, 2015. 2. "ALTEKAR AWARD" for the best technology development; CSIR - NML, 2016. 3. "Best e-poster award at NDE 2019"; Indian Society for NDT; 2019. 4. Life member: Indian Society for Non-destructive Testing (ISNT).