Technology Portfolio of CSIR-NML

SN Name of Technology Inventor Links
1 Dry beneficiation of non-coking coal  Video Available Dr.S.Dey View
2 Anti-Tarnishing lacquer for Silver and Copper-based Alloys (MSME) Video Available Dr.A.K.Mohanty View
3 Column Flotation Technology Video Available Dr.T.Vijay Kumar View
4 Erosion resistant steel Video Available Dr.S.Ghosh Choudhury View
5 Geo-polymer Cement Video Available Dr.Sanjay Kumar View
6 MagStar: A Portable Magnetic Hysteresis and Barkhausen Emissions based
Electromagnetic Device for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Steel Structure/Component Video Available
Dr.A.K.Panda View
7 MagSys: A Portable Giant Magneto-Impedance (GMI) based Magnetic Sensing Device for NDE Applications Video Available Dr.A.K.Panda View
8 Yellow Tungsten Oxide and Tungsten Metal Powder from Heavy Alloy Scraps Video Available Dr.D.Mishra View
9 Cyanide free process for leaching and recovery of gold Video Not Available Dr.A.K.Mohanty View
10 Eco-friendly flotation reagents for sillimanite, limestone and coal Video Not Available Dr.T.Vijay Kumar View
11 Ferronickel  from Spent Nickel Catalyst   Video Not Available Dr.K.K.Sahu View
12 FlawGuard.: A Cost Effective Device  for defect Detection in Wire during Cold Drawing Video Available Dr.S.Palit View
13 FOBOP: Fibre Optic based Break Out Prediction technology for Billet Caster Video Not Available Dr.S.Palit View
14 Graphene Coated Steel Video Not Available Dr.R.K.Sahu View
15 High carbon high chromium white cast iron with improved wear resistance for grinding media applications Video Not Available Dr.Minal Shah View
16 Low cost work hardenable Hadfield steel for heavy impact gouging wear-resistant application Video Not Available Dr.S.Tripathy View
17 Nickel Sulphate from Spent Nickel Catalyst Video Not Available Dr.K.K.Sahu View
18 Portable nonlinear ultra-sonic device (Ultra-b) Video Available Dr.S.Palit View
19 Production of coke using non-coking and semi-coking coals Video Not Available Dr.S.Chakroborty View
20 Production of highly metallized Directly Reduced Iron (DRI) from mill scale and
lean grade non-coking coal in Tunnel Kiln Video Not Available
Dr.D.Paswan View
21 E-waste Recycling Technology Video Not Available Dr.M.K.Jha View
22 Zincometer: A sensing device for real-time Zinc weight measurement in galvanized wire lines Video Not Available Dr.S.Palit View
23 Energy Efficient Coke Brass and Bell Metal Melting Furnace (MSME)Video Available Dr.K.L.Sahoo View
24 Production of Ferrite and Pigment grade high Purity monodispersed iron Video Available Dr.K.K.Sahu View
25 Closed-loop corrosion test rig equipment for flow assisted corrosion study Video Not Available Dr.T.Mishra View