Power and Duties

Power and Duties of officers


Director is the Executive Head of the Laboratory and has the following responsibilities:

  • Realizing the mission of the National Laboratory
  • Creating an environment in the National Laboratory conducive to nurturing of innovation and high class R&D and the other S&T activities of the laboratory.
  • Managing the affairs of the National Laboratory as per the decisions of the Management Council.
  • Director shall in all matters have powers delegated to him by the Governing Body.  

Advisor Management

Advisor Management enjoys delegated power of the Director with respect to finance and administration and other Key functions of the laboratory. 

Controller of Administration (COA)

COA co-ordinates all the administrative functions starting from recruitment till payment of pension to the retired employees. Administrative function viz,  recruitment and assessment, service matters, payment of salaries, bills, general matters, safety and security, vigilance and legal matters, medical services, estate management, etc. 

Controller of Finance and Accounts Officer (COFA)

COFA co-ordinates the activities relating to preparation of budget and Budgetary control, preparation of monthly classified abstract and monthly consolidated accounts, annual accounts and balance sheet through computerised accounting system i.e., IMPACT (Integrated Management and Project Accounting), Maintenance of Diary register, Audit Registers, Objection Book (OB), Cash Book, Cheque Book register, Cheque issue Register, Maintenance of valuable register, Issue of receipts, Receipt stock register, GPF/CPF ledgers / broad sheets, long term advances / broadsheet, pre-audit of bills and recording of corrective action on deficiencies found in the procedure during the audit and making payment through cheques.

Controller of Stores and Purchase Officer (COSP)

COSP co-ordinates all activities pertaining to materials management of the laboratory. The core activities of procedures and forms applicable for material procurement, inspection, issue, stock entry, inventory record, disposal of surplus unserviceable stores, and payment of bills of vendors. In order to facilitate smooth functioning regarding the material procurement, the SPO also co-ordinates activities between indentors, planning, stores, purchase, accounts, administration, vendors (both Indian and Foreign), statutory agencies like Customs and other agencies like transporters, clearing and forwarding agencies.

Heads of Divisions / Centres (HoD / HoC)

  • HoD / HoC acts as the facilitator for running the R&D / S&T projects programmes of the respective Division / Centre
  • Control of job allocation and supervision of Division / Centre’s activities.
  • Granting and recommending leave of his staff members.

Group Leader

  • GL acts as the facilitator for running the Groups of the respective Division / Centre
  • Control of job allocation and supervision of Group activities
  • They report to HoD/HoC


Major duties and responsibilities of Scientist are to carryout R&D/S&T activities leading to a Project / Programme of the Laboratory as per the approved mandate. They report to Group Leaders.

Technical Officer

TO assist scientists to perfor their duties. They report to their respective GL or HOD.


Power and Duties of other employees

Technical/ Administrative staff

  • Technical & Supporting staff members provides technical support to the R&D Scientists.
  • Project staff offeres project specific activities and report to Project Leaders.
  • Administrative  staff perform Accounts / Stores Purchase / Security / Laboratory House Keepings activities