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Name :   Dr.Abhilash .
Designation :   Principal Scientist
Contact Information :
  • Email id :  abhilash@nmlindia.org
  • Mobile/Phone no:  +91-657-2345274 (Office), +91-9431962767 (Mobile), +91-657-2346077 (Residence)
Educational Qualification :   M.Sc., Ph.D.
Areas of Expertise :   1. Hydro-Biohydrometallurgy 2. Waste Recycling 3. Rare Earth Extraction 4. WEEE recycling 5. Environmental Microbiology/Biotechnology
No. of Papers Published :   49
  • International :   1. Abhilash, S.Singh, K.D.Mehta, V.Kumar, B.D.Pandey, V.M.Pandey, Dissolution of uranium from silicate-apatite ore by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans, Hydrometallurgy, 2009, 95(1-2), 70-75 2. Abhilash, K.D.Mehta, V. Kumar, B.D. Pandey, P.K. Tamrakar, Column Bioleaching of a Low-Grade Silicate Ore of Uranium, Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review, 2010, 31(4), 224 – 235 3. Abhilash, B.D.Pandey, Role of ferric ions in bioleaching of uranium from a low tenor Indian ore, Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly, 2011, 50(2), 102-112. 4. Abhilash, K.Revati, B.D.Pandey, Microbial synthesis of iron based nanomaterials- A Review, Bulletin of Material Science, 2011, 34(2), 1–8. 5. Abhilash, K.D.Mehta, V.Kumar, B.D.Pandey, P.K.Tamrakar, Bioleaching - an alternate uranium ore processing technology for India, Energy Procedia, 2011, 7, 158-162. 6. Abhilash, K.D.Mehta, V. 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  • National :   1. Abhilash, R.Venkat Raman, K.D.Mehta, B.D.Pandey, Isolation and biochemical characterization of native marine isolates from Indian ocean nodules, Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, 2011, 40(5), 648-652. 2. Abhilash, B. Dhal, K.D. Mehta, V. Kumar and B.D. Pandey, Bio-processing for metal extraction, recycling and effluent treatment- an overview, The Banaras Metallurgist, 2011, 16, 109-115 3. A.Ghosh, Abhilash, B.D.Pandey, Native microbes in desulphurization of Meghalaya Coal, Indian Journal of Geo Marine Sciences, 2015, Vol. 44(3), 297-302. 4. Yu L Gurevich, M I Teremova, G N Bondarenko, S L Kislan, Abhilash, Bio-chemical leaching of kaolinite-hematite-boehmite type bauxite ore, Indian Journal of Chemical Technology, 2015, 22(5), 248-252. 5. Sanjeev Kumar Das, Ranjit Prasad, R.P.Singh, Abhilash, Physical, Mechanical And Metallurgical Characteristics Of Banded Hematite Jasper Of Ghatkuri (Gua), Jharkhand, India, Journal Of The Geological Society Of India, 2017, 90, 623-627. 6. Pratima Meshram, Abhilash, Banshi Dhar Pandey, Tilak Raj Mankhand, Haci Deveci, Extraction of metals from spent lithium ion batteries: role of acid, reductant and process intensification in recycling, Indian Journal of Chemical Technology, 2018, 25, 368-375.
No.of.Patents :   1. A process of depositing Zn-Ni-Cu coating on metal products to act as an antibacterial coating and a coating composition having high corrosion resistance in foul fuel media, L.C.Pathak, Abhilash, S.K.Mishra, S.Paswan (Jointly with TATA STEEL; 1401/KOL/2012) 2. A method for recovery of copper from spent lithium ion batteries, Pratima Meshram, N.S.Randhawa, Abhilash (0275NF2015/IN) 3. An improved microbial process for dephosphorisation of LD slag, Abhilash, Pratima Meshram, (Jointly with TATA STEEL) [201631007295 dt. 02.03.16] 4. A novel pre-treatment-cum-leaching process for selective extraction and separation of La, Ce and Sc from red mud as oxides, Abhilash, Pratima Meshram (Jointly with NALCO) [201631044861 dt 29.12.16] 5. A process for selective extraction of lanthanum, cerium and neodymium from blast furnace slag as oxalates/oxides, Abhilash, Pratima Meshram (Jointly with TATA STEEL) [201631007470 dt. 03.03.16] 6. A PROCESS FOR RECOVERY OF AMMONIUM METAVANADATE, VANADIUM PENTAOXIDE AND DERIVATIVES FROM SPENT CATALYSTS, Pratima Meshram, Abhilash, R.B.Meshram, J.N.Patel, S. Mashruwala, K. Rokkam
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No.of.Technologies :   Isolation, characterization and purification of microbial isolates from various sources (22 Industrially important isolates; 13 deposited at NCCS) Developed the process for bioleaching of low grade silica-rich and apatite-rich ore of uranium, and tested industrial scale of realization (lab scale to 2ton column scale) Developed the know-how for bioleaching of low grade chalcopyrite ore (high recovery with consortia leaching) Developed the know-how for Biosorption/bioremediation of tannery effluents (for trivalent chromium source) Designed the air-lift bioreactor for large scale bioleaching of sea nodules (using extremophiles) Developed microbial based composite for metal remediation from aqueous wastes (product) Developed the know-how for bioleaching of zinc tailings and synthesis of Zn based nanomaterials (30-60nm ZnO powders of >99% purity) Developed know-how for microbial upgradation of iron ore slimes (from 43% Fe to 58% Fe) Developed process for bio-desulphurization of high sulfur coal (total sulfur reduction from 3.5% to
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Equipment/Software Skills :   Computer Skills: Web authoring and designing, Operating systems, Business software, FACTSAGE, ORIGIN, HSC Chemistry Bioinformatics tools: NCBI, BLAST, MEGA-6

Awards and Recognitions :   Professional Awards and Honours Young Scientist Award-Engineering Sciences (Indian Science Congress, 2012, Kolkata) Fellow – Society for Applied Biotechnology, India Young Scientist Award-Environmental Microbiology (Association of Microbiologist,India,2013) Young Scientist Award-Nuclear Fuel Processing (Indian Nuclear Society, DAE, 2013) Young Scientist Award-Mineral Biotechnology (Biotech Research Society of India, 2014) Young Metallurgist Award-Nonferrous Metallurgy (Ministry of Steel & Mines, GOI, 2014) Prof. H.J.Arnikar Best PhD. Thesis, Indian Assoc. Nucl. Chem. Allied Scientists (DAE), 2015 Awarded Membership by National Academy of Sciences, India, 2017 Young Engineer Award, Mineral Engineering Science Association, Vishakapatnam, India (2017) CSIR-Raman Research Fellowship 2019 Publication Awards Mishra Award for best paper presented- Bioprocessing at IIME’s MPT-2006, Chennai Mishra Award for best paper presented- Bioprocessing at IIME’s MPT-2007, Mumbai Second Prize, International Microbiology Photograph Competition, Switzerland, Oct, 2009 Mishra Award for best paper presented in Bioprocessing at IIME’s MPT-2011, Udaipur 1st Prize, Oral Presentation, “Raw Materials Category”, IIM’s NMDATM2012,Jamshedpur 1st Prize, Oral Presentation, “Nonferrous Category”, IIM’s NMDATM2012,Jamshedpur 2nd Prize, Oral Presentation, “Raw Materials Category”, IIM’s NMDATM2012,Jamshedpur 1st Prize in Poster Presentation in “Nonferrous Category” at IIM’s NMDATM 2013, Varanasi 2nd Prize, International Microbiology Photograph Competition, Switzerland, Oct, 2013 Mishra Award for best paper published-Extractive Metallurgy by IIME for 2013-14 1st Prize, Poster Presentation, Nat. Sem. Recent Adv. in Biotechnology, April, 2015, Kolkata 2nd Prize: Metallurgical Research & Technology 2015 Best Paper Award (January 2016) Outstanding Review Status given by Elsevier's Annals of Nuclear Energy (Nov 2015) Article cited on cover page of Indian Journal of Geomarine Sciences (2015) TAMOTIA Award-Best Paper Presented in Environmental Management, IIME (2017), Chennai Mishra Award for best paper published (2017) in Hydrometallurgy at IIME’s MPT-2019, Hyderabad [Article: Journal of Cleaner Production 157 (2017) 322-332] Mishra Award for best paper presented in Hydrometallurgy at IIME’s MPT-2019, Hyderabad

My current research focus is to devise integrated closed loop processes to extract critical metals (rare, strategic, precious and REEs) from secondaries and wastes by hybrid methods of extraction in tandem or in toto. My other research interests are biohydrometallurgy, battery recycling, environmental microbe-metal interactions.

I extensively use solution chemistry and lixivium-metal interaction as the basis for my research activities.  My research publications can be accessed at Research Gate/Google Scholar.

Personal Website: www.abhibios.org