Dr. R. Singh
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Name : Raghuvir Singh
Designation : Senior Principal Scientist
Contact Information :
Educational Qualification : M.Sc., Ph.D.
Area of Expertise :
No. of Papers published : 57
Equipment/Software Skill :
Patent : 1. An environment-friendly nickel electroplating process on magnesium alloy in non-aqueous bath (INDIA), Charu Singh, S. K. Tiwari and Raghuvir SIngh 2. A closed loop system to simulate and to monitor corrosion properties in continuous flow condition with varying flow rate and dissolved oxygen contents (INDIA) (Joint patent along with IEOT, ONGC Mumbai), Trilochan Mishra, K. K. Paul, Rajneesh Kumar, Raghuvir Singh, S. K. Tiwari, Lalit Meena, Bipin Kumar, Anil Bhardwaj, Chintamani Tandi 3. Compositionally modulated Zinc Iron multilayered coatings (INDIA and USA) , S.P. Gaydos (Boeing Co, USA, S.P. Gaydos (Boeing Co, USA), Vijay Kumar S. (Boeing Co, India), Om Prakash (Boeing Co, India), S.K. Mishra, (NML), Raghuvir Singh (NML), Sharma Paswan (NML), Lokesh Pathak (NML) 4. Corrosion resistant and low embrittlment aluminium alloy coatings on steel by magnetron sputtering (INDIA and USA), S.P. Gaydos (Boeing Co, USA) Vijay Kumar S. (Boeing Co, India), Om Prakash (Boeing Co, India), S.K. Mishra (NML), Raghuvir Singh (NML), Sharma Paswan (NML), Lokesh Pathak (NML) 5. An improved process for electroless nickel coating on mild steel substrate, T.B. Singh, A.K. Bhattamishra, S.K. Tiwari, Raghuvir Singh, S. Bhattacharjee
Technology :
Awards and Recognition : 1 ‘Excellence in Corrosion Science & Technology’ conferred by NACE Gateway India section (NIGIS) for contribution in Corrosion Science & Technology’ in the year 2012 2 ‘B.R. Nijhawan’ award for best technical paper published in 2008 by CSIR- NML Jamshedpur on the occasion of CSIR-NML Foundation day) 3 BOYSCAST Fellowship from DST, Govt. of India to work at Department of Materials Science & Engineering, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA from February 2004-February 2005.