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Item rates tenders are invited through the e-tendering portal from the contractors working with CPWD, PWD, MES, Railways, Semi-Government Organization, Public Sector Undertakings, Tata Groups or those who have worked for CSIR or its laboratories/Institutes for the following works: -(a)    Construction of shed over 12 Nos. existing sample bins at LSTF of CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur Estimated Cost: ₹ 29,10,252.00, Earnest Money: ₹58,210.00 & Time of Completion: Six Months. (NIT No. NML/ENG./WSM/NIT/02 (21)/2018-2019 dated.06.02.2019)(b)    Annual Contract for Operation and Comprehensive Maintenance of Package A. C. Plant installed at various locations in CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur Estimated Cost: ₹6,34,997.00, Earnest Money: ₹12,700.00 & Time of Completion: Twelve Months. (NIT No. NML/ENG./WSM/NIT/02 (22)/2018-2019 dated. 06.02.2019) (c)    Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC) for Cooling Appliances in Main Lab., Mg. Pilot Plant, LSTF Pilot Plant & Housing areas (Club, dispensary & executive hostel) of CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur (2019) Estimated Cost: ₹ 11,35,493.00, Earnest Money: ₹22,710.00 & Time of Completion: Twelve Months. (NIT No. NML/ENG./WSM/NIT/02 (23)/2018-2019 dated.06.02.2019)The tendering process is online at NIC CPPP e-portal URL address bid submission end dateof tender will be 06.03.2019 upto 18.00 Hrs. Other details/information can also be seen on website:

Tender Last Date :06-03-2019 06:00 PM
Self Supporting High Temp Extensometer

Ref. Tender Enquiry No. NML-FG/MTE-CSM/11-19, Date: 30/07/2019


Tender ID: 2019_CSIR_29482_1


Brief Description :-  "Self Supporting High Temp Extensometer ".

The submission of e-Bids will be only through the e-Tender portal Bids will not be accepted in any other form.


Bidding Document Publishing Date and Time

30/07/2019 6.30 PM

Document Download Start Date and Time

30/07/2019 6.30 PM

Seek Clarification Start Date and Time

30/07/2019 6.30 PM

Seek Clarification End Date and Time

06/08/2019 6.30 PM

Bid Submission Start Date and Time

08/08/2019 9.00 AM

Bid Submission End Date and Time

21/08/2019 3.30 PM

Bid Opening Date and Time

22/08/2019 3.30 PM

Tender Last Date :21-08-2019 03:30 PM