Non-Ferrous Processing

Group Head

The Non-ferrous Process Group (NFP Group) is primarily involved in research and development activities on the extraction of non-ferrous metals from primary and secondary resources.

Strategic Metals: Current activities include the production of magnesium from calcined dolomite using the electro-thermal route. The process has been demonstrated on a pilot-plant scale with a capacity to produce 50 kg of metal per day. Production of sodium and gadolinium through electrolysis of molten salts are other major areas where expertise has been developed on commercial scale of operation. Process for recovery of tungsten from tailings of gold mines and alloy scrap has been developed.

E-Waste: Know-how has been developed for the recovery of metals like Co, Cu, REEs, Au, Pt from mobile batteries and hard disk magnets. These are being tested on a pilot-plant scale at present.

Other Metals: Production of zinc from dross; non-ferrous metal powders; pigment-grade iron from industrial waste are some of the major areas where extensive work has been carried and know-how developed and transferred to industries.

Major Facilities

  • High Temperature Vacuum Electric Resistance Furnace
  • Rotary Kilns
  • 150 KVA Submerged-Arc Furnace
  • Electrolytic cells for molten salts
  • Rotary Oxidation Furnace
  • Pusher-type Tungsten Reduction Furnace
  • Autoclaves (various capacities)
  • Pilot-plant leaching facilities
  • Multi-stages mixer settler units for solvent extraction
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • Muffle furnaces up to 1500 °C
  • Top-charging Melting Furnace up to 1650 °C
  • Table-top SEM
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