Engineering Division

Group Leaders

The Engineering Division caters and co-ordinates the engineering needs, both R&D and infrastructural, of the laboratory, Large Scale Testing Facilities & Residential Complexes. The divisional activities are subdivided into two groups: Works Services and Maintenance Group and Project Planning & Engineering Group.

Research project on toughness behavior of simulated heat affected zone (HAZ) of SA 508 and P 91 steels, Consultancy for steel gate fabrication for barrage on Kharkai river, Consultancy for repair of 500 MW LP turbine rotor, Research project on effect of H2 on fracture toughness of welds of API X 80 steel, Commissioning & Installation forreplacing 2 x 86 TR HVAC for creep laboratory, Setting up of Pilot plant for Amorphous Electrical Steel project, Bulk generation of DELF (De-Phosphorised LD slag as Flux) for Recycling, Procurement of facilities for welding research laboratory