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Total participants: 679

# Program Type Program Name Date No. of Student's / Teacher's Trained
  To From  
1 School Visit Program & Popular Lecture Series BPM +2 High School Burmines 18th Oct,2022 18th Oct,2022 48
2 School Visit Program UMS School visit Tangrain,Potka 13th Oct,2022 13th Oct,2022 45
3 Popular lecture series Popular Lecture Series on Basics of Computational Materials Science 29th Sep,2022 29th Sep,2022 43
4 Jigyasa 2.0 Programme: Virtual Lab Integration Global Battery Experiment 22th Sep,2022 22th Sep,2022 117
5 School Visit Program Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya one day NML visit 20th Sep,2022 20th Sep,2022 43
6 School Visit Program St Peter's English School one day NML visit 13th Sep,2022 13th Sep,2022 45
7 School Visit Program BPM +2 High School Burmines one day NML visit 08th Sep,2022 08th Sep,2022 61
8 Popular lecture series Popular Lecture Series "Decontamination of Drinking Water - A Technological and Social Challenge" 25th Aug,2022 25th Aug,2022 80
9 School Visit Program One Day School visit Program of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Chaibasa 19th Aug,2022 19th Aug,2022 50
10 School Visit Program One Day School visit Program of Saraswati Sishu Vidya Mandir, Chandil 18th Aug,2022 18th Aug,2022 40
11 Popular lecture series Popular Lecture Series on Fractal Geometry 28th Jul,2022 28th Jul,2022 35
12 Popular lecture series Visit to Project High School, Patamda 27th Jul,2022 27th Jul,2022 27
13 CSIR - NML Visit World Youth Skills Day 15th Jul,2022 15th Jul,2022 85

Jigyasa Virtual Lab

Total participants: 479

# Program Type Program Name Duration In Days No. of Student's / Teacher's Trained
1 One Day Visit NML Visit 1 day 40
2 Scientists visit at school Visits of Scientists to Schools/ Outreach Programme 2 days 120
3 Popular lecture series Popular lecture series/demo. Programme at School 2 days 46
4 Outreach program of IISF 2021 Project of National Childeren’s Science Congress/ VIGYAN JYOTI / IISF 2021 1 day 40
5 Scientist and science teachers Conclave Scientists as Teacher and Teachers as Scientists 7 days 120
6 Teacher’s Workshop Teacher’s Trainings on Innovation 1 day 113

Total participants: 204

# Webinar On Organized On No. Of Students Attended (Webinar) No. Of Teachers Attended (If Any) Total Participants
1 A workshop on video editing 31-03-2022 75 24 99
2 A workshop on women empowerment 24-01-2022 95 10 105
S.No Content Title Type Of Content Content Link
1 Science RAP Video Watch On Youtube
2 Concept of differentiation and integration Video Watch On Youtube
3 Materials imaging machines Video Watch On Youtube
4 an overview of analytical chemistry. Video Watch On Youtube
5 A video on role of women in science. Video Watch On Youtube
6 Women in Science Video Watch On Youtube
7 Virtual Tour of Creep Lab Video Watch On Youtube
8 Equipment Facility of the CSIR NML Video Watch On Youtube
9 CSIR NML campus virtual tour Video Watch On Youtube
10 Beneficiation of Copper Animation Watch On Youtube

The project aims to encourage students to learn science effortlessly with fun and enthusiasm by creating innovative learning tools and contents through Jigyasa and Virtual Laboratory (VL) utilizing advanced digital technology focusing on the areas of minerals, metals, materials and metallurgy.

The objectives of the project are following
  • To develop innovative scientific content on a virtual platform focusing on R&D activities of CSIR-NML
  • To develop a digital platform for interaction between the science teachers, students and scientists
  • To prepare content in an innovative and non-traditional way (game, simulation, video, animation, etc.) which will make science interesting and more understandable
  • To popularize CSIR-VL through various publicity modes (print, digital, social media, etc)
  • To obtain feedback from students and faculty members for improving the CSIR-VL
  • To encourage students to make innovative tools/devices based on science-based concepts
  • To encourage girl students to take up science for future career options through the VL interface
Name of Implementing Laboratory : CSIR - National Metallurgical Laboratory
Project Duration : FY 2022-2026
Jigyasa Nodal Project Incharge : Dr. Mita Tarafder
Jigyasa Co-Nodal PI : Dr. S. K. Pal