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CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory is a constituent laboratory of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, New Delhi, India. It was established in 1950 with a vision to cater the needs in the area of Minerals, Metals and Materials industries of India. Ever since, its inception,this laboratory is constantly supporting Indian industries in developing newer products and providing a solution to their teething technical problems. It’s contribution to nation building during the early post-independence period through the research in Minerals, Metals,and Materials is commendable. For more than seven decades of its existence, it has undertaken several structural reforms under the stewardship of eminent scientists in reposition it to remain relevant to the Global advancements in Research &Development. It has five functional organisational wings:

Fast facts

Research group is the core functional group of the laboratory, engaged in Minerals, Metals,and Materials Engineering relevant to the industry.Research group is divided into four major Research Divisions; Mineral Engineering, Materials Engineering, Metal Extraction,and Recovery and Advance Materials. Research groups main strength lies with highly qualified Scientists, Technical experts andworld classResearch Facilities.

The engineering and infrastructure needs are facilitated by Project Engineering group. Apart from the in-house service provider, this group also provides engineering solutions to External Clients.

All technical solutions and queries are handled by Business Group. This group acts as an interface between Research groups and External Clients.

All administrative needs of the laboratory, such as Recruitment, Finance, Purchase etc. are managed by Administration.

Under the umbrella of Academy of Scientific & Industrial Research,we hone the research talent of budding engineers by providing them a research platform under the mentorship of our highly qualified Scientists.

fast fact

We are located in the eastern part of India at Jamshedpur city. Jamshedpur can be easily accessed by air. There two Airports; Kolkata and Ranchi, near to this city. From Kolkata, one can arrive by Train to Tatangar Railway station. From Ranchi, the best mode of travel is Road.