Dr. Ratnakar Singh
Dr. Ratnakar Singh's picture
Name : Ratnakar Singh
Designation : Chief Scientist
Contact Information : +91-657-2345054
Educational Qualification : Ph.D.
Area of Expertise : Fine Particle Processing, Froth Flotation, Reagents Development, Process flow-sheet development, Mineral Processing, Waste Treatment.
No. of Papers published : 130
Equipment/Software Skill :
Patent : Patents : 3 Nos., CR : 01 No.
Technology : Developed technologies for beneficiation of ferrous, non-ferrous ores, strategic and industrial minerals, coals and value addition of industrial wastes.
Awards and Recognition : Engineering Achievement Award, Institution of Engineers (India)IIME Mineral Beneficiation AwardDr. B.R. Nijhawan AwardTCS Best Performance AwardDr. Altekar Best Technology AwardJapan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Fellowship of JapanKANO Award of JICA, JapanBest Poster Presentation Award, International Conference on Beneficiation of Fines and It’s TechnologyCertificate of Merit, CSIR Leadership Development Program, 2008IIM Best Paper AwardAward for outstanding contributions, Indian International Friendship SocietyEcoreco Innovation AwardVice-President, IIME.Fellow of India Institute of Ceramics.Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India).