Dr. B. Ravi Kumar
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Name : B Ravi Kumar
Designation : Senior Principal Scientist
Contact Information : MTE Division,CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur 831007
Educational Qualification : M.Sc. (Engg.), Ph.D.
Area of Expertise : My current research focus is understanding the role of the second hard phase, martensite, in enhancing the high strain rate plasticity of ultra-high-strength dual-phase steels. My other research interests are the plastic deformation behavior of nano/ultrafine grained austenitic stainless steels. I extensively use electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction as characterisation tools for my research. Of late started taking a keen interest in far-from-equilibrium processes. My research publications can be found at ResearchGate/Google Scholar.
No. of Papers published : 90
Equipment/Software Skill : X-ray Diffraction, Electron Microscopy
Patent : 1. A Process for producing Goss Texture in Fe-3.2Si Electrical Steel Sheets, (2016) B. Ravi Kumar, Krishnendu Mukherjee, A.P. Murugesan, Tipu Kumar, R.K. Minz, D.P. Singh, M.M. Humane, V.C. Srivastava : Patent Application No. 0233NF2015 2. An improved process for producing acquired aluminum nitride inhibitor precipitation in Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel, (2016) B. Ravi Kumar , Krishnendu Mukherjee (2016): Patent Application No. 0008NF2016. 3. A new hot-rolling method in fully ferritic region for preparing hot-band to produce CRGO steel, (2016) Krishnendu Mukherjee & B. Ravi Kumar & Tata Steel Ltd. (2016): Patent Application No. 201631000980. 4. A process for producing Goss nuclei in hot-band of Fe-3.2Si CRGO steel from thin slab cast with C as low as 0.03% and AlN as single grain growth inhibitor, (2016). Krishnendu Mukherjee & B. Ravi Kumar & Tata Steel Ltd., Patent Application No. : 0483/2016/IN. 5. An improved annealing simulator device, S K Mandal, B Ravi Kumar, R K Sharma, N Halder, & Tata Steel (2013): Patent Application Number 0218NF2013/IN. 6. An improved Rayleigh wave ultrasound based technique for detection of cause of residual stress on HSS rolls. Palit Sagar, B Ravi Kumar, GVS Murthy, Avijit Kr. Metya, Amit Prakash and B. Mahato & Tata Steel (2013): Patent Application No. 0247NF2013/IN. 7. A cold chamber for an annealing simulator, B Ravi Kumar, S K Mandal, N Halder, R K Sharma, & Tata Steel Ltd.. (2014): Patent Application No. 0644DEL2006, 10/3/2006.
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