Mr. Prabir Kumar Roy
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Name : Prabir Kumar Roy
Designation : Sr. Technical Officer(3)
Contact Information : Phone: 0657-2345194(O), 0657-2346039(R), Mobile: 9470567331 E-mails: 1., 2.
Educational Qualification : B.Sc. (Calcutta University), D.E.E. (A.P.C. Roy Polytechnic, Jadavpur, Kolkata), A.M.I.E. [I.E.(india)] in Metallurgical Engg., M. Sc. (Engineering) (NIT, Jamshedpur) in Metallurgical Engg.
Area of Expertise : Mechanical Property Evaluation in the area of creep, fatigue, tensile, impact etc. Life assessment studies for the components of thermal power plants, oil refineries etc.. Creep data generation in a large volume and its application.
No. of Papers published : 27(Twenty Seven)
Equipment/Software Skill : 1. Hands on experience in running the closed loop servo-hydraulic and servo-electric testing machines( INSTRON, MTS) 2. Operation of Zwick-Roell instrumented impact testing machine 3. Operation of creep testing machines 4. Knowledge of MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, Origin software packages
Patent : -----
Technology : ---
Awards and Recognition : 1. "B.R. Nijhawan Award” for the best paper published from the Laboratory (CSIR-NML) in the year 1996. 2. “V.A. Altekar Award” in 2010 for significant technological services rendered through sponsored project.

Working in the field of Mechanical Property Evaluation for evaluating mechanical properties like creep, fatigue, tensile, impact.  Doing life assessment studies for the components of thermal power plants, oil refineries etc..  Hands-on experience in running closed  loop Servo-hydraulic, Servo-electric testing machines, Creep testing machines, Instrumented impact testing machines etc.  for testing of metallic materials.   I am also doing maintenance of machines.  My publications can be found at Google Scholar.