Fatigue & fracture characterization of modified 403 martensitic stainless stell


The proposed project aims at evaluating the deformation, fracture and fatigue behavior of modified 403 matensitic stainless steel material from sub-zero to reactor operation temperature. This tests will be conducted in the temperature range of -60o C to 300oC. The actual material grade data and a better understanding of the toughness, fracture and fatigue behavior of the MSS-403 will help in assessing the safty margins of coolant channel end-fitting of AHWR/PHWR under pressurized thermal shock loading during refueling operation. In addition to this, tensile, metallurgical investigation such as micro-structural characterization and fractographic examination (of failed specimens) will also be carried out.


  • Material chemistry, micro structure, hardness
  • Strength/elongation variation with temperature
  • Charpy energy variation with temperature and DBTT
  • Fracture toughness variation with temperature
  • Coffin-Manson plot for LCF
  • FCGR and Paris law constant
  • Microstuctural and fractographic examination photograph with explanation
Strain -LifeFatigue Crack Growth Rate

Strain -Life

Fatigue Crack Growth Rate