Projects- Ferrous Group (MER Division)

Reduction of energy consumption in Iron Ore Sintering by modified coke breeze distribution

Sponsor Name: TATA Steel Ltd, India.

Objectives:  To explore the possibility of reducing primary fuel consumption in iron ore sintering reducing coke ratio from top to bottom.

Achievement (Output/outcome)

  1. Technology has been developed with lower coke rate than conventional sintering.
  2. Sinter quality such as shatter tumbler and abrasion index are improved.
  3. The overall coke rate has been decreased by 10-12%.
  4. The technology is ready for implementation in any integrated steel plant.

Production of Highly Metallised Directly Reduced Iron (DRI) from Mill Scale and Lean Grade Coal in Tunnel Kiln

Sponsor Name: Ministry of Steel, GOI

Objectives: Feasibility study for production of highly metalized DRI using mill scale and lean grade coal (Laboratory Scale Investigation (500 g to 5 kg); and Validation of laboratory scale findings through plant trails in tunnel kiln  Development of technology (Pilot Scale Trials (100 tons).

Achievement (Output/outcome)

  1. Lab scale investigation has been established for production of DRI from mill scale, waste iron ore fines and non-coking coal without induration of pellets.
  2. Pilot plant trials were carried out in a commercial tunnel kiln of 30TPD at M/s. Shree Mahavir Refractory Works, Ranchi and more than 30 tons of DRI has been produced successfully.
  3. Techno-economic evaluation of the process reveals that the developed process is much cheaper than the existing DRI making process.

Production of DRI in Tunnel Kiln

Production of fine iron powder from pickle liquor iron oxide using hydrogen gas

Sponsor Name: TATA Steel Ltd, India.

Objectives:  Development of a process for conversion of pickle liquor iron oxide to iron powder using hydrogen gas.

Achievement (Output/outcome)


The high purity (99 %) metallic iron is produced from hematite fines (99.53 % Fe2O3)

Development of Hydrogen Standard in Steel 

Sponsor Name: CSIR Fast Track Translation Project

Objectives: To develop indigenous reliable hydrogen standard (CRM) in steel for hydrogen determination

Achievement (Output/outcome)

The CSIR-NML developed product is certified as, CRM No: 501 (Hydrogen standard in steel) with the assay value of 0.95 ± 0.47 ppm. Eight labs were participated in the round robin test, nationally. Cost effective than LECO standard (50% reduced cost for Indian people)


Development & Fabrication of Cannon Liners for Explosive Testing

Sponsor Name: CIMFR, Dhanbad

Objectives: Investigation on retired cannon fabricated at UK and locally to identify the cause of premature failure, and optimization of process parameter to produce cannon liner for explosive testing.

Achievement (Output/outcome)

  1. Design and development of modified AISI 4340 alloy as a substitute for the conventional 4340 alloy.
  2. Fabrication of 2 (two) cannon inner membrane at M/s. MIDHANI, Hyderabad, with the modified alloy
  3. Explosive testing at CIMFR


Dip Mould simulator based Technique for Qualification of Casting Powders for Crack Sensitive Grade Steels

Sponsor Name: TATA STEEEL, India

Objectives:  Assessment of casting powder performance by simulating initial solidification behavior of crack sensitive steels using an inverse mould simulator technique.

Achievement (Output/outcome)

  1. An experimental set up is developed and demonstrated at CSIR-NML for evaluation of casting powders.
  2. A comprehensive heat flux model is developed for assessment of mold powders performance.