Waste Recycling

The focus of this group is a waste free and recycle based industry through technological intervention

In the last decade, utilization of mineral and metallurgical waste has not only an area of imminent importance but also became an area with potential for business opportunities and revenue generation. The waste utilization activities at CSIR-NML started in the late sixties, and gradually emerged as one of the thrust areas. Today, these activities are internationally recognised because of its comprehensive program encompassing basic research to technology transfer, and mentoring students (from India and abroad) to high impact publications. The whole gamut of waste utilization activities can be broadly classified into:

  • Extraction of valuables/ precious metals/ rare earths from urban ores such as E-waste, batteries and magnets
  • Bulk volume utilization of industrial wastes in building and construction by eco-friendly geopolymerisation process or high temperature ceramic processing
  • Hot stage engineering of slag for controlled properties to enhance application
  • Agglomeration/ briquetting of fines
  • Life cycle analysis studies

Major wastes which have been studied are fly ash, ferrous and non-ferrous slags, iron ore slime and tailings, construction and demolition waste, overburden shale, e-waste, batteries, magnets, etc. Some of the technology which has been developed jointly with industry and/or implemented are paving blocks from LD slag and fly ash by geopolymerisation, geopolymer cement, quick repairing material, gold and silver extraction from E-waste, etc.